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April 16, 2020

Highest proportion of test scores above m after n innings

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I created an interactive workbook with Tableau to determine the test batsmen who have had the highest proportion of innings scoring at least m runs after having played n test innings. Below are some screenshots for particular choices of m runs. The data is available from [1]. As expected Bradman comes up on top in many scenarios but it is interesting to see other names that appear up there.


(Click on the above image to go to the Tableau page if you wish to change the parameters. You can also select the “Innings by innings” tab to look up a player’s list of innings.)

Below we some examples for different m (full-career stats among players who have played at least 20 innings).

m=1: A total of 22 players have had an entire career of 20+ innings getting off the mark each time, with RA Duff (Australia, 1902-1905) the only to play 40 innings (note that JW Burke played 44 innings without a duck, but made 0 not out in one innings).

Angelo Mathews (SL) has managed just 2 ducks in his 154 innings to date.

1 or more

m=10: Hobbs, Hutton, Kanhai and Sobers stand out here, having played over 100 innings and reaching double figures at least 80% of the time (Hobbs over 86%). Labuschagne, Hetmyer, Handscomb and Head are recent players to feature highly here.
10 or more

m=25: Bradman starts to distance himself from the rest. Hammond, Smith, Sobers and de Villiers also impress here.
25 or more

m=50: Smith has matched Barrington’s career figures of 50+ starts. Sutcliffe had 33 50+ scores in his first 64 innings, the same as Bradman.
50 or more

m=75: Barrington’s numbers are amazing here and Katich is ahead of Kohli, Tendulkar and Lara.
75 or more

m=100: Smith and Kohli are currently higher than Sangakkara, the highest among recent retirees.
100 or more

m=125: Only Bradman (6) had more 140+ scores than Labuschagne after playing 23 test innings, equal with Graeme Smith (who had 4 150+ scores in his first 17 innings!).
125 or more

m=150: Bradman is so far ahead of the rest here. Lara and Sangakkara are just one behind Tendulkar with the most 150+ scores despite almost 100 fewer innings.
150 or more

m=175: Again Lara and Sangakkara have the same number of 175+ scores (15).
175 or more

m=200: Kohli is similar to Hammond’s career figures at this stage, with 6 of his 7 double centuries coming within 33 innings between July 2016 and December 2017.
200 or more

Please leave any other interesting observations in the comments.




  1. Thats very useful interactive chart. Thanks for putting it out. Will it be too much of a task to come with a interactive workbook to get best streak of n consecutive inns in terms of runs, avg and 100s.

    Comment by Prashant — April 21, 2020 @ 3:45 pm | Reply

  2. It is more than I asked for. You are a genius. Thanks a lot. Would suggest to put it as a separate post on your blog post so others can take a look. Also would be nice to see similar stats for bowlers (Only if u think it is worth putting in effort)

    Comment by Prashant — May 7, 2020 @ 2:59 pm | Reply

    • Thanks for the kind words, it was a great suggestion on your part. I suspect it’s not too hard for me to do something similar for bowlers – a future blog post will have this.

      Comment by ckrao — May 8, 2020 @ 6:45 am | Reply

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