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December 23, 2015

Areas of sections of a triangle from distances to its sides

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If a point P is in the interior of triangle ABC distance x, y and z from the sides, what is the ratio of the area of quadrilateral BXPZ to that of ABC?


One way of determining this is to draw parallels to the sides of the triangles through P. Let X_1 and X_2 be where these parallels meet side BC as shown below.


Let the sides of the triangles have lengths a, b, c with corresponding altitudes h_a, h_b, h_c.

Then as \triangle PX_1 X_2 and \triangle ACB are similar,

\begin{aligned}|PX_1X| &= |PX_1X_2| \frac{X_1X}{X_1X_2}\\ &= |PX_1X_2| \frac{b\cos C}{a}\\ &= |PX_1X_2| \frac{b (a^2 + b^2 - c^2)}{2a^2b} \quad \text{ (cosine rule)}\\ &= \left(\frac{x}{h_a} \right)^2|ABC|\frac{(a^2 + b^2 - c^2)}{2a^2}\\ &= |ABC|\left(\frac{ax}{ax+by+cz}\right)^2\frac{(a^2 + b^2 - c^2)}{2a^2}\\&= \frac{|ABC|x^2(a^2 + b^2 - c^2)}{2(ax+by+cz)^2},\quad\quad (1) \end{aligned}

where the second last line follows from twice the area of |ABC| being ah_a = ax + by + cz.


\displaystyle |PY_1Z| = \frac{|ABC|z^2(b^2 + c^2 - a^2)}{2(ax+by+cz)^2}.\quad \quad (2)


\begin{aligned}|X_1Y_1B| &= \left(\frac{h_b-y}{h_b}\right)^2|ABC|\\ &= \left(1-\frac{by}{bh_b}\right)^2 |ABC|\\ &= \left(1-\frac{by}{2|ABC|}\right)^2|ABC|\\ &= \left(1-\frac{by}{ax+by+cz}\right)^2|ABC|\\ &= \left(\frac{ax +cz}{ax+by+cz}\right)^2|ABC|. \quad\quad(3)\end{aligned}

Combining (1), (2) and (3), we obtain our desired answer as

\begin{aligned} \frac{|BXPZ|}{|ABC|} &= \frac{|X_1Y_1B|-|PX_1X|-|PY_1Z|}{|ABC|}\\&= \left(\frac{ax +cz}{ax+by+cz}\right)^2-\frac{x^2(a^2 + b^2 - c^2)}{2(ax+by+cz)^2}-\frac{z^2(b^2 + c^2 - a^2)}{2(ax+by+cz)^2}\\&=\frac{(ax+cz)^2 - x^2(a^2 +b^2-c^2)/2 - z^2(b^2+c^2-a^2)/2}{(ax+by+cz)^2}\\ &= \frac{2axcz + x^2(a^2 - b^2 + c^2) + z^2(c^2 +a^2-b^2)}{(ax+by+cz)^2}\\&= \frac{4axcz + (x^2 + z^2)(a^2 - b^2 + c^2)}{2(ax+by+cz)^2}.\quad\quad(4)\end{aligned}

Similar formulas can be found for quadrilaterals XPYC and YPZA by permuting variables. Note that if P is outside the triangle or if the triangle is obtuse-angled, care must be taken in the signs of the areas (the quadrilaterals may not be convex) and variables x, y, z.

Note that (4) may also be written as

\displaystyle \frac{|BXPZ|}{|ABC|} = \frac{ac(2xz + (x^2 + z^2)\cos B)}{(ax+by+cz)^2}.\quad\quad(5)

Special cases

1) If \triangle ABC is equilateral, a=b=c and from (4) we obtain

\begin{aligned} \frac{|BXPZ|}{|ABC|} &= \frac{4axcz + (x^2 + z^2)(a^2 - b^2 + c^2)}{2(ax+by+cz)^2}\\ &= \frac{4a^2xz + (x^2 + z^2)(a^2)}{2a^2(x+y+z)^2}\\ &= \frac{4xz + x^2 + z^2}{2(x+y+z)^2}.\quad\quad(6)\end{aligned}

2) If P is at the incentre of \triangle ABC, then x = y = z = r (the inradius) and from (4) we have

\begin{aligned} \frac{|BXPZ|}{|ABC|} &= \frac{4axcz + (x^2 + z^2)(a^2 - b^2 + c^2)}{2(ax+by+cz)^2}\\ &= \frac{4a^2xz + (x^2 + z^2)(a^2)}{2a^2(x+y+z)^2}\\ &= \frac{4xz + x^2 + z^2}{2(x+y+z)^2}.\quad\quad(7)\end{aligned}

3) If \triangle P is right-angled at B, then quadrilateral BXPZ is a rectangle with area xz and \triangle ABC has area ac/2 and from (5),

\begin{aligned} \frac{|BXPZ|}{|ABC|} &= \frac{2acxz )}{(ax+by+cz)^2}\\ &= \frac{2acxz )}{(ac)^2}\\ &= \frac{2xz}{ac}.\quad \quad (8)\end{aligned}

as expected.

4) If a=c and x=z (symmetric isosceles triangle case) then from (4),

\begin{aligned} \frac{|BXPZ|}{|ABC|} &= \frac{4axcz + (x^2 + z^2)(a^2 - b^2 + c^2)}{2(ax+by+cz)^2}\\ &= \frac{4a^2x^2 + 2x^2(2a^2-b^2)}{2(2ax+by)^2}\\ &= \frac{x^2(4a^2 -b^2)}{(2ax+by)^2}.\quad\quad(9)\end{aligned}

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