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January 30, 2014

The frequency of 40+ days in Melbourne

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In a recent post I mentioned that Melbourne (the regional office weather station) has had 203 days of a maximum temperature of 40°C or more in the 159 years from 1855 to 2013. January 2014 alone has had 5 more such days, tying the record of instances in a month. There were two other times when Melbourne had 5 days reaching at least 40°C in a month: January 1905 and January 1908. The former of these had four of the hot days out of a string of five while the latter had all five in consecutive days. This year included a sequence of four consecutive instances above 41°C, the first time that has happened since records began.

The following plot, generated via the geom_smooth feature of ggplot2 in R, shows a dip in the frequency of these days in the mid 20th century, followed by an increasing frequency since 1980. (The year 2014, being incomplete to date, is not included.)

Frequency of 40 degree days in Melbourne

Interestingly the 10 years 1969-1978 only had 3 instances of 40+ degree days (including none during the four years 1969-1972). The table below shows the frequency per decade since records began, with the current period having the most. The most recent year Melbourne did not have a 40+ day was 2002.

Decade # 40+ °C days
1855-1864 12
1865-1874 11
1875-1884 13
1885-1884 6
1895-1904 21
1905-1914 22
1915-1924 11
1925-1934 6
1935-1944 15
1945-1954 10
1955-1964 8
1965-1974 8
1975-1984 14
1985-1994 10
1995-2004 16
2005-2014 27+

Melbourne has so far never had 7 days of 40°C in a year (6 times was reached in 1898 and 1900), and 2014 has a chance of at least equalling that record (edit: 2014 has set a record with its 7th day of 40+°C temperatures, the mark reached on Jan 14-17, 28 and Feb 8-9).

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