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October 18, 2012

World population hot spots

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Some time ago I displayed the world’s main large and dense population regions, shown below. By large, I mean significantly larger than a city.

Below are the places indicated. The January 2010 population estimates are my own based largely on:

Another interesting look at densely populated areas is this interactive map by Derek Watkins.

1. Ganges River Valley – 665 million people in 723,000 \text{km}^2 (920/\text{km}^2), mostly rural

  • 64m in 91,200\text{km}^2 in Islamabad and much of Punjab (Pakistan)
  • 27m in 50,400\text{km}^2 in Punjab (India)
  • 24m in 44,200\text{km}^2 in Haryana
  • 17m in 15,000\text{km}^2 in Delhi
  • 181m in 204,700\text{km}^2 in most of Uttar Pradesh
  • 96m in 94,200\text{km}^2 in Bihar
  • 90m in 88,800\text{km}^2 in West Bengal
  • 162m in 147,600\text{km}^2 in Bangladesh

major cities: Islamabad, Lahore, Delhi, Kanpur, Kolkata, Dhaka

2. East China – 495 million people in 901,600 \text{km}^2 (550/\text{km}^2)

  • 95m in 153,300\text{km}^2 in Shandong
  • 95m in 167,000\text{km}^2 in Henan
  • 77m in 102,600\text{km}^2 in Jiangsu
  • 70m in 202,700\text{km}^2 in Hebei
  • 62m in 139,900\text{km}^2 in Anhui
  • 51m in 101,800\text{km}^2 in Zhejiang
  • 19m in 6,200\text{km}^2 in Shanghai
  • 16m in 16,800\text{km}^2 in Beijing
  • 11m in 11,300\text{km}^2 in Tianjin

The area includes around 90m in 100,000\text{km}^2 around the Yangtze River Delta, which may have the largest concentration of metropolitan areas in the world: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo and Nanjing.

3. Java – 135 million people in 132,200\text{km}^2 (1020/\text{km}^2)

The most populated island on the planet:

  • 41m in 38000\text{km}^2 in Western Java
  • 38m in 47900\text{km}^2 in Eastern Java
  • 34m in 34200\text{km}^2 in Central Java
  • 10m in 8200\text{km}^2 in Banten
  • 9m in 700\text{km}^2 in Jakarta
  • 4m in 3200\text{km}^2 in Yogyakarta

4. Sichuan Basin – 96 million people in 217,000\text{km}^2 (441/\text{km}^2)

  • 73 million in 169,600\text{km}^2 in eastern Sichuan
  • 22 million in 47,500\text{km}^2 in western Chongqing

5. Blue Banana – 94 million people in 189,000\text{km}^2 (500/\text{km}^2)

  • 26m in 34000\text{km}^2 in UK (inc London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Liverpool)
  • 8.8m in 17600\text{km}^2 in Belgium
  • 14m in 22800\text{km}^2 in Netherlands
  • 31.4m in 74500\text{km}^2 in Germany (inc Essen-Dortmund, Frankfurt, Stuttgart)
  • 4m in 20200\text{km}^2 in Switzerland (inc Zurich)
  • 8.6m in 19300\text{km}^2 in Italy (inc Milan, Torino)

6. Nile Valley – 73 million people in 47,200\text{km}^2 (1540/\text{km}^2)

95% of Egyptians live in less than 5% of the country’s land area.

7. Taiheiyō Belt – 78 million people in 60,700\text{km}^2 (1280/\text{km}^2)

Includes Tokyo-Yokohama (35m), Osaka-Kobe (17m), Nagoya (9m), Fukuoka (2.5m)

8. Northeast Megalopolis – 49 million people in 85,800\text{km}^2 (570/\text{km}^2)

Includes 5.8m in Boston, 22.2m in greater New York City, 6m in Philadelphia, 8.3m in Washington DC + Baltimore

9. Pearl River Delta – 48 million people in 32,000\text{km}^2 (1490/\text{km}^2)

This is economically the fastest growing part of China and includes the following major centres:

  • Guangzhou (10m)
  • Shenzhen (8.6m)
  • Hong Kong (7m)
  • Dongguan (6.4m)
  • Foshan (3.4m)
  • Jiangmen (3.7m)
  • Zhongshan (2.5m)
  • Zhuhai (1.5m)
  • Macau (550k people in just 28 square kilometres)

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