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May 28, 2011

Perth’s hot summer

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After seeing how hot Perth had been this summer, I decided to graph its temperatures over the recent warm months.

The Perth Metro office only has records going back to 1994, hence the fluctuations in the average temperatures. Data is from the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology website (average temperatures from here).

Perth had a run of 27 consecutive days of 30+ °C (86+ °F) temperatures, from the 6th of February to the 4th of March. This was followed by a second such run of 17 days from the 21st of March to the 6th of April. Fortunately there were not too many 40°C days. The minimum temperature stayed above 20°C (68°F) for 17 days from February 14 to March 2.

Perth has had a run of significantly above-average mean maximum temperatures dating back to September last year. Average maximum and minimum temperatures (in °C) from September 2010 to April 2011 were as follows.

September October November December January February March April
Average Max 21.8 24.6 29.6 29.3 32.5 34.1 31.9 27.3
Average Max (’94-’11) 20.1 23.0 26.4 28.8 31.0 31.5 29.5 25.7
Anomaly +1.7 +1.6 +3.2 +0.5 +1.5 +2.6 +2.4 +1.6
Average Min 8.2 10.7 15.3 16.6 19.5 21 18.6 14.8
Average Min (’94-’11) 9.4 11.2 14.1 16.2 18.0 18.2 16.5 13.6
Anomaly -1.2 -0.5 +1.2 +0.4 +1.5 +2.8 +2.1 +1.2

In addition, while the rest of the Australia has been drenched by much higher than average rainfall in the past year, south western WA has been extremely dry these past 12 months. See here for an interesting map for rainfall, here for a corresponding map for average maximum temperature. In the latter map the most interesting feature is the lack of white in the map (where rainfall was in the 4th-7th decile)!

More reading: – Jim Andrews | Endless Perth Summer; Is It Ending?

Perth in Summer 2011:

Heatwaves in the Perth Area – includes a list of Perth heatwaves to 2003


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