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October 4, 2010

Unusual weather in Tokyo, San Diego, Los Angeles and Mumbai

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Many parts of Japan have had their warmest summer on record. Tokyo for instance had its average August temperature range of 27.0–33.5°C (long-term average 23.1–30.5°C). This was the highest ever average minimum (previous record 26.1°C in 1995) and second highest average maximum (behind 33.7°C also in 1995). Add to this a relative humidity in excess of 60% and I can hardly imagine how difficult it must have been to cope with.

On the other hand Southern California had one of its coolest summers on record. San Diego had its third coolest summer, while Los Angeles International Airport had its second coolest summer:

We see that for close to four months the maximum temperature only poked its head up above the average mark a handful of times. After this remarkable cool spell, on the 27th of September LAX recorded 40.6°C (105°F) while downtown Los Angeles had its hottest temperature on record – 45°C (113°F)!

Finally, Mumbai has had one of its wettest monsoons on record. Below is the cumulative rain total for its weather station at Santacruz (copied from here).

Update (Oct 6) – More information about the unusual northern hemisphere summer at Christopher C. Burt’s blog entry here. It points out there that this was in fact Japan’s hottest summer since records began, plus the hottest July and August for China since 1961.

I also found out that Australia had its wettest September on record – see the rainfall maps here:

Data for the graphs came from,, and the Japan Meteorological Agency.


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